International Education

Studying in an international environment (overseas or international school) is a great way to develop a global mindset while immersing in the local culture. Our programs are designed to guide students and their families with a reliable support system.


gateway education

Gateway is an expert in supporting overseas students – especially from Asia – with their placement in UK high schools, summer or winter camps. These experiences provide a great immersion into the English language and allow for unique, authentic connections to be made.
Our guardianship program help do the “local parenting” and ensures our students have consult available for guidance, in their own language.

european international school ho chi minh city

Based in the thriving metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, the European International School (EIS) is 1 of only 4 IB Continuum schools in Vietnam offered programs for students aged 2-18.

At EIS, learning and personal growth continue long after the day’s lessons have ended. We aim to provide our students with opportunities to develop their natural talents, build confidence, practice a healthy lifestyle and expand their world view.

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