Lorna Whiston Speech & Drama students participate in Singapore TV Game Show

Lorna Whiston Speech & Drama students, Eng Ze Rui, Eng Yu Xuan & Markhamay Then, auditioned and participated in a Singapore TV game show production, Museum Mysteries, over the school holidays.

“It’s not something the kids get to do everyday. It was a good experience for them as they get to see the different stages of TV production. It helps them to build confidence and apply what they learn at Speech & Drama,” Shwu Fong, mother of Ze Rui & Yu Xuan, said when interviewed.

On each episode, 2 pairs of children (aged 8-11) will compete to answer history based trivia questions & complete physical tasks. Want to know if the students succeeded in their quests? Tune in to OKTO channel every Tuesday at 6.30pm to find out.

Photos courtesy of MediaCorp Singapore

Wai San Ng