Interested in overseas high school education? The new Gateway website is live!

We want you to be informed the best way! Our new website strengthens our brand and showcases our services with improved navigation and a better user experience.

For nearly 15 years, Gateway has opened up the United Kingdom and United States for students from around the world. Gateway makes it possible for them to study and live abroad in a supported and connected environment, producing the best outcomes and highest achievements including acceptance at top-tier universities.

In our brand new website, you will still find everything you are looking for whether you are a student, an agent or a host family. We have added more about our admissions process, our extensive network of partner schools, and how to become a host family.

We are proud of it and we hope you will like it too. Stay tuned because there is much more to come. Follow Gateway on social media and for any enquiries and feedback, please write to us here.

Wai San Ng