The 2018 Vision Conference: A-star sharing expertise in in Beijing, China

Early November, A-Star HR Director Sock Yian Low, Head of European International School Ho Chi Min Sean O’Maonaigh, and A-Star Legal Council Dionna Tong spoke at the 2018 VISION Conference in Beijing, China. With considerable experience in educational management and leadership, they covered the specific issue of safeguarding, a concept that outlines the importance of protecting children from mistreatment.

The A-Star Schools and enrichment centers are putting in place policies, procedures, and more secure recruiting practices to develop a safer school culture. This is part of A-Star’s bigger effort to prepare our students for a bright tomorrow and develop their full potential. A-Star believes that students learn best in an environment where they feel safe and secure, are able to take initiative, try new activities, take risks and make mistakes. It is our aim to ensure that each student feels that they have a trusted adult that they can communicate their concerns or worries to. That’s also why our experiences staff receive regular training and updates on their professional responsibilities in relation to safeguarding and child protection.

With our unparalleled expertise, safety, and supervision, we are offering our students a life-changing experience, guiding them to obtain a global mindset. Beyond academics, we equip them with the necessary soft skills for tomorrow’s job market.

Considering how imperative safeguarding is to the education sector from an ethical standpoint, we are looking forward to hearing more about what our three experts learned during the conference, along the 70 distinguished guests and other experts and leaders.

Wai San Ng